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Top 5 Wedding First Dance Songs

By August 20, 2018November 26th, 2018No Comments

We play at a whole load of weddings each year and have done since 2008 so we thought it might be useful (and interesting) for some of you that might be in the process of planning your wedding to hear some tips and suggestions for the wedding first dance, along with our top 5 tunes.

  • It’s Optional

First and possibly the most important is that the decision about whether or not to actually have a first dance is up to you. We’ve worked with lots of people who would actually prefer not to have a first dance and would feel extremely uncomfortable if they felt obliged. It happens more that you think and actually doesn’t really make much of a difference to the evening. Have a think about asking the band to play a song that has a special meaning a bit later on in the evening when everyones feeling a little more ‘relaxed’ for an alternative

  • Time

If you are having a first dance then have a think about how much of the song you want to dance to alone, and whether or not you would like all your guests to join you. A minute might seem like a short amount of time but when you are on the dance floor alone, it can seem like an eternity. Be sure to give the band instructions on if and when you want them to ask guests to come up and join in. After the first verse and chorus is a good idea.

  • Band or DJ

We’re always happy to learn and play your first dance, if it’s in a style that suits live music, and the line-up of the band. If your special song is heavily electronic or is a big band arrangement for example then it might sound better if you ask the band to play the recorded version instead, if you want that sound. However, most bands would be happy to do an alternative arrangement, maybe more acoustic of most songs so be sure to discuss this with them well in advance of your wedding, so that they can learn and arrange it for you.


1. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

If you’re after a modern interpretation of a classis (see below…) then this Ed Sheeran classic is a very popular choice for many newly wedded couples.

2. John Legend – All of Me

Another modern song, which is at a slower tempo and a great choice for the traditional slow dance.

3. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get it On

The original classic slow love song, with a great arrangement and one which would be perfect for a band to cover.

4. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

Another one from the soul era and with some nice lyrical content as well. Again another one that would be a great choice to ask your band to cover.